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Harley Davidson Cafe – Coffee Poster

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As a designer in 2017, you should not only know how to design,
but also know how to create a story.

And this is a prime example. Harley Davidson is launching a cafe somewhere
and they released a special set of posters. Do you know how the did it?

they actually mixed coffee and oil together to create a coffee ink.
Then created posters using that special ink.

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Dnata Travel: Bali

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The Core Idea

No matter how advance technology
has become for people to experience different places,
it’s not as good as actually visiting them.

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핵심 아이디어:
아무리 기술이 발전해서 간접여행을 할 수 있다 해도,
직접 여행지를 방문하는것보다 좋을 순 없다.