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[ University of Phoenix – More than Brains ]

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So my ids don’t have to forage,
got to jobs to pay a mortgage.
And I’ve also got a brain.

Life’s short,
talk is cheap.
I’ll be working
while you sleep.

Still don’t think I’ve got a brain?

You can try,
I’ll do it faster,
I was a born a multitasker.
I was raised against the grain.

I took two bullets in the chest,
got three kids, I never rest.
And I’ve also got a brain.

You think a Resume is enough,
will step up things get tough.
don’t you want that kind of brain?

a degree is a degree
you are gonna want someone like me,
but only if you have a brain.

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[ Oreo – Wonder Vault ]

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Oreo flavors are special.
Each and every ones.

Ever wondered where all come from?

Can’t find it on a map? That’s not your fault.
It’s a secret place called a Wonder Vault.

Inspired by moments both magical and fun.
We are dreaming up flavors one by one.

Welcome to the world of Cinnamon Buns.
Warming your day, when now blocks the sun.
Soft winter playground with creme covered top.

sugar snow flakes make the cinnamon pop.

A red velvet door.
Another surprise.

Baked indulgence welcomes your eyes.

A rich coco mountains are excited to see.

The taste of elegance served so sweetly.
Friends never fear,
our tail doesn’t end here.

you never know what flavors will appear.

Fresh from the wonder vault, we are proud to release.
Two delicious wonder filled treats.

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[ Old Spice / New Campaign / No.1 – Whale ]

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Where does regular ends?
and extreme begin?

hm. good question.

Wise man once said
Sweat and Body oder is your body’s way of saying
“Hey, slow down. You need a break”

But thanks to new dirt destroyer,
the powerful Old Spice body wash ever made,
my body will finally shut and let me live.

Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life?

How will I know if I gone too far?
And why did I save my life-savings for sunglasses for a whale?

I shall find the answers for these questions.

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[ Turbo Tax / New Campaign ]

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– Brainiac

Meet Marvin.
Marvin thinks you have to be a brainiac to do your own taxes.

so we brought in the brainiac Dr. S. James Gates Jr
to help him get started.

It doesn’t take a genious to do your taxes.

– Dr. Michio Kaku

– A Mastermind

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[ Best of 2015 / TV / REI – #OPT OUTSIDE ]

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전세계인이 쇼핑하는 날 – 블랙프라이데이.
물건 하나로 서로 밀치고 총을 겨누는 날,
미국의 한 아웃도어 브랜드 사장이 외칩니다.

우리는 오늘 블랙프라이데이에 영업 안합니다.
반대로 저희는 저희 사원들에게 월급주고 밖에 보내는 사장의
진정성 있는 메시지는 2015년을 최고의 광고로 장식되기에 충분 합니다!

I’m Jerry Strizki, CEO of REI

This Black Friday, we are closing one hundred forty three stores of our stores,
we paying our employees to get outside

Because we believe a life lived outside is a life well lived
we rather be in the mountains than in the aisles.

Join us on November 27th to opt in outside.
#opt #outside