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작년 한 해 Droga5에이젼시에서 나온 Top 아이디어 중의 하나. Band of Brands.

New Castle이라는 작은 브랜드가 다른 여러 작은 브랜들를 모아
일년에 제일 비싼 Superbowl 커머셜을 제작하게 됩니다.



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[ Living Nuts – NutAllergy ]

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Man : I’m allergic to nuts.
This old world Italian almonds,
taste just like pizza.

Old Lady : Let me tell you something,
I’ve had some nuts in my time.

I’ve never had nuts like these.

Kid : These are my the best friend.
Because I feel galactic garlic onion.

Old Lady : As if the wulnuts weren’t enough,
these babies got raw honey.

I still like the seasalt.
They come from the ocean.

Man : My girlfriends says when I eat them
I look like a rocky.

Living Nuts.
Nuts to live for.