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Harley Davidson Cafe – Coffee Poster

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As a designer in 2017, you should not only know how to design,
but also know how to create a story.

And this is a prime example. Harley Davidson is launching a cafe somewhere
and they released a special set of posters. Do you know how the did it?

they actually mixed coffee and oil together to create a coffee ink.
Then created posters using that special ink.

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Dnata Travel: Bali

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The Core Idea

No matter how advance technology
has become for people to experience different places,
it’s not as good as actually visiting them.

[ Korean ]

핵심 아이디어:
아무리 기술이 발전해서 간접여행을 할 수 있다 해도,
직접 여행지를 방문하는것보다 좋을 순 없다.

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[ The Washington Post – Real Donald’s context ]

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This is an interesting phenomenon that happened this year’s election.
In the age of real-time googling era, people starts to not trust
politicians, and the Washington Post took that to the next level
creating a fact-check platform on Twitter.

Welcome to the future of politics.

[ 한국어 ]

올해 미국 대통령 경선을 보면서 가장 중요하게 생각했던점은,
디지털 플랫폼이 대선에 어던 영향을 미칠까 였습니다.
그리고 워싱턴포스트가 바로 그것을 해냅니다. 크롬 인터넷
웹브라우저에 Real Donald’s Context를 설치하면
트럼프의 모든 트윗에 팩트체크를 저절로 해주는 앱 입니다.

자 정치의 미래, 벌써 어디로 가고 있는지 보이지 않나요?