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I’m sharing this because if you are student, you
are probably cracking the BMW OneShow College brief for 2016.

Alright. This is perfect example that gives you how to
crack this brief.

Mercedes – The Invisible Drive

F-CELL hydrogen fuel cell technology
creates 0.0 emissions.

key message:
Creating 0.0 emissions means it’s invisible to the environment

Let’s cover one side of the car with LED. Then, have a camera on the other side of the car
transmits the image to the LEDs which creates an illusion that makes car invisible.


Alright, let’s carry this same analogy to our brief.

BMW connected drive

With BMW connected drive,
you don’t have to never late again.

Key Message:
( Sample ):
I don’t have to be late to big annual events or
miss out on concerts and movies.

( your idea execution )

See? this is easy.

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